venerdì 6 gennaio 2012

AHVH 5772

New Year’s resolutions:I'm 99%
Happiness is not a state you acquire by luck. We are all vases made of flesh and blood and we are all full of desires. We are inevitably influenced by closer vases and if these are not filling up our desires, we end up just like Don Abbondio did, earthenware vase among iron vases.So remember, in this beautiful life above you is only G-d, but right after there's only LOVE, then comes your family and last, your job. And if you'll find someone on your way, who will arbitrarily overturn this order, then run away, for that one won't fill up your desires but will just dry them up, making you stark for a very long time:those ones are zombies, people with no free desires, whom who has only a selfish nature of reception. I'm 99%, don't want any dark 1% in my bright life, would you?

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